Quality Assurance

Diamond Information Systems (Diamond) is focused on providing high quality program management and systems engineering products for the US Department of Defense. Maintaining high quality in our products is essential to our customers as they form the basis for key program management and systems engineering decisions for critical military programs. Ensuring Diamond’s product quality is the responsibility of each individual employee. The following paragraphs provide an explanation of the key quality control processes Diamond team members follow to assist in ensuring the high quality of our products and services.

The following procedures will be adhered to by Diamond Personnel in the execution of products and services as requested by the ordering agency:

1.1 All supplies and services provided by Diamond will be controlled at all points necessary to assure compliance to contractual requirements. The Quality Control Program will provide for the prevention and ready detection of discrepancies and for timely and positive corrective action. Diamond will make objective evidence of quality conformance readily available to the Government Representative as required. Instructions and records for quality will be maintained and controlled. The Quality Control Program will facilitate determinations of the effects of quality deficiencies and quality costs on price. Facilities and standards such as drawings, engineering changes, and measuring equipment, which are necessary for the creation of the required quality, will be effectively managed. 
The Quality Control Program will include an effective control of purchased materials and subcontracted work. 

2.1 This Quality Control Plan, and any procedure or document executed in implementation thereof, will be in addition to and not in derogation of other contract requirements. The Diamond Quality Control Program requirements set forth in this plan will be satisfied in addition to all detailed requirements contained in the statement of work or in other parts of a Diamond customer contract. 
Diamond is responsible for compliance with all provisions of the task order and for furnishing specified supplies and services, which meet all the requirements of the task order. If any inconsistency exists between the contract schedule or its general provisions and this plan, the contract schedule and the general provisions will control. 

3.1 Organization. Effective management for quality will be clearly prescribed by the Diamond Manager. Personnel performing quality functions will have sufficient, well-defined responsibility, authority and the organizational freedom to identify and evaluate quality problems and to initiate, recommend or provide solutions. Management will regularly review the status and adequacy of the Diamond Quality Control Program. 

3.2 Initial Quality Planning. Diamond will, during the earliest practical phase of contract performance, conduct a complete review of the requirements of the contract to identify and make timely provisions for special controls, processes and skills required for assuring product and service quality. 

3.3 Work Instructions. Diamond will assure that all work affecting quality will be prescribed in clear and complete documented instructions of a type appropriate to the circumstances. Such instructions will provide the criteria for performing the work functions and they will be compatible with acceptance criteria for workmanship. The instructions are intended also to serve or supervising, inspecting and managing work. 

3.4 Records. Diamond will maintain and use any records or data essential to the economical and effective operation of the Quality Control Program. All records will be made available for review by a Government Representative. Copies of individual records will be furnished upon request, that is associated with this contract or individual task orders. Records are considered one of the principal forms of objective evidence of quality. The Diamond Program and/or Project Manager will assure that records are complete and reliable. Inspection and testing records will, at a minimum, indicate the nature of the observations made and the number and type of deficiencies found. Also, records for monitoring work performance and for inspection and testing will indicate the acceptability of work or products and the action taken in connection with deficiencies. The Quality Control Program will provide for the analysis and use of records as a basis for management action. 

3.5 Corrective Action. Diamond Managers will detect promptly and correct assignable conditions adverse to quality. Design or other operations which could result in or have resulted in defective supplies, services, facilities, technical data, standards or other elements of contract performance which could create excessive losses or costs must be identified and changed as a result of the Quality Control Program. Corrective action will extend to the performance of all suppliers and vendors and will be responsive to data and product forwarded from users. Corrective action will include at a minimum: 
(a) Analysis of data and examination of product scrapped or reworked to determine extent and causes;
(b) Analysis of trends in processes or performance of work to prevent nonconforming product; and 
(c) Introduction of required improvements and corrections, an initial review of the adequacy of such measures and monitoring of the effectiveness of corrective action taken. 

3.6 Costs Related to Quality. Diamond will maintain and use quality cost data as a management element of the Quality Control Program. These data will serve the purpose of identifying the cost of both the prevention and correction of nonconforming supplies. The quality cost data that is to be maintained, and used, will be determined by the Diamond Program Management team. This data will, on request, be identified and made available for “on-site” review by the Government Representative. 

4.1 Drawings, Documentation and Changes. A Diamond project procedure will be maintained that concerns itself with the adequacy, the completeness and the correctness of drawings and with the control of changes in design. With respect to the correctness of drawings and changes, Diamond managers will ensure that requirements for the effectiveness point of changes are met and that obsolete drawings and change requirements are removed from all points of issue and use. A means of recording the effective points will be employed and be available to the Government for review. With respect to design drawings and design specifications, a procedure will be maintained that will provide for the evaluation of their engineering adequacy and an evaluation of the adequacy of proposed changes. The evaluation will encompass both the adequacy in relation to standard engineering and design practices and the adequacy with respect to the design and purpose of the product to which the drawing relates. With respect to supplemental specifications, process instructions, production engineering instructions, industrial engineering instructions, and work instructions relating to a particular design, Diamond product managers will be responsible for a review of their adequacy, correctness, and completeness. 

The Diamond Quality Control Program will provide complete coverage of all information necessary to produce a product in complete conformity with requirements of the contract. The Quality Control Program will assure that there is complete compliance with the contract requirements for proposing, approving, and effecting of engineering changes. The Quality Control Program will provide for monitoring effectively compliance with contractual engineering changes requiring approval by Government design authority. The Quality Control Program will provide for monitoring effectively the drawing changes of lesser importance not requiring approval by Government design authorities. Delivery of correct drawings and change information to the Government in connection with data acquisition will be an integral part of the Quality Control Program. This includes full compliance with contract requirements concerning rights and data both proprietary and other. 

5.1 It is the policy of Diamond not to procure or hold government property. Should this policy change, this quality control plan will be updated. 

6.1 All responses to RFPs by Diamond will reference the Diamond Quality Control Plan, specifying the title and date of the plan.